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Free Blockchain Development Courses to Take in 2023

Blockchain development has become a really hot trend recently. With over a decade of presence in the market, it is no longer limited to the finance or technology areas. According to the 2021 Global Blockchain Employment Report, this technology has been widely adopted in healthcare and energy industries and has started its evolution into the areas of arts and culture, food agriculture, real estate, legal, and education.

Having explored the perspectives and benefits of blockchain solutions, more and more engineers are considering launching their careers in the target area. This field provides a wide range of professional growth opportunities and is also a quite lucrative option. As of December 2022, the median blockchain developer salary starts at $144,500 per year, which is 20% higher than the typical software engineering job (Talent.com).

Nevertheless, over the past few years the disastrous cocktail of a global pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the extensive printing of money, and rising inflation have all resulted in widespread uncertainty for this industry. So, is there any future in blockchain development?

In this article, we’ll look at the prospects of starting a career in the target area and the top courses that can help you learn the basics of blockchain development from scratch.

Free Blockchain Development Courses to Try: Top Picks

The flexibility and diversity of free online courses have improved the educational process and facilitation in many ways, and the blockchain industry is not an exception. Learners are free to choose the program that ideally matches their expertise and goals and complete it anytime and from nearly any place.

Let’s now review the most trendy blockchain-based courses that have already proven their value in practice.

Blockchain: Ethereum

Freshman By LearnWeb3

Programming Language: Solidity

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