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How To Hire The Right Web Development Services In Dubai for Businesses

Thousands of companies are offering web development services in Dubai. But not all of these companies, agencies, freelancers and freezone organizations can handle the commercial nature of your website. Your website is your marketing asset – and you want it to do positive publicity for your business. And for that to happen, you have to work with a team that strikes the right balance between web development timelines, quality of design and the investment. Here are ten factors I recommend checking when you are hiring web development services in Dubai for a large-scale commercial website project.

1.  Full-cycle vs. Laser-focused

In terms of offerings, you’ll typically find freelancers who offer specialized services, or full-service web development.

For reference, full-service web development means a vendor will help you with discovery, research, competitor analysis, UI/UX design, front and backend development, API integration, testing and QA, post-launch maintenance and website updates.

For large-scale, commercial, business-centric projects, I typically recommend hiring website development services in Dubai from one agency because of the dedicated team availability. Hiring these agencies is a cost, but you can save tons of time, energy and money in the long run.

2.   Hiring arrangement

Staff augmentation and project outsourcing are the two most common models of hiring web development services in Dubai.

In staff augmentation, you hand-pick a team from a pool of talented individuals. You pay a subscription cost for the months specified for completion. In this model, you have to lead the technical team for KPI management and communication – giving you control as well as flexibility.

In outsourcing, you talk to an agency and set expectations. You discuss a standard website development budget and then let the agency do their work. You are entitled

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