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Cleveland County economic development leader resigns

Kristin Reese announced her resignation in June.

Kristin Reese announced her resignation in June.

A longtime leader of economic development efforts in Cleveland County has stepped down from her role after nearly two decades and many successful projects under her belt.

Kristin Reese resigned from her role as executive director of Cleveland County Development Partnership last month.

The announcement of her retirement was made on the Facebook page for Cleveland County Economic Development Partnership.

“With mixed emotions, today our team says goodbye to our fearless leader, Kristin Reese,” the post reads. “Her hard work, dedication, positive attitude and perseverance have been an inspiration to us all. It’s hard to imagine our office without her creative ideas, servant leadership style, and quick wit, but we know that she is ready for the next chapter in life. There are not enough accolades to acknowledge the accomplishments our county has seen under Kristin’s leadership.”

Reese gave a farewell statement on the CCEDP website and spoke about her future plans and the success the county has seen over the years.

“It is with bittersweet emotion, that after 17 years leading Cleveland County, NC’s economic development efforts, beginning today I will embark on my next new adventure; one, which in the foreseeable future will primarily include spending more time with my family and friends, traveling, and a copious amount of naps,” she wrote. “My professional journey as Executive Director of CCEDP, will undoubtedly be classified as one of the most personally rewarding, challenging, and exhausting (hence the need for naps) experiences of my life.”

Reese said she is fully confident that the economic development momentum in the county will not cease upon her departure, “because, behind every successful economic development professional lies an endless list of partners who directly contributed to their professional success – and those capable folks remain.”


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