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The Surprising Advantages Of Mixing Mindfulness And Marketing

Co-founder and CEO of ZOOM Marketing, one of Silicon Valley’s premier positioning agencies with hundreds of successful clients.

When I began my career, introducing mindfulness or any kind of contemplative practice in the workplace was seen as completely taboo. Today, it’s becoming almost commonplace.

Illustratively, one of our clients, a fast-growing technology company, convened its top 25 leaders for our brand positioning brainstorm. We met at a century-old Japanese garden set among koi ponds and bamboo gardens. The CEO initiated the session with a meditation where we all breathed together and set our intention to listen and bring our best possible mindset. This set the tone for a productive session with one positive idea sparking another.

My initial exposure to mindfulness occurred when I was a kid, long before the concept gained widespread recognition. Amid the tennis boom in the 1970s, Timothy Gallwey wrote The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance, where he introduced the notion of self 1: your critical self and self 2: your subconscious self. This was the first time I realized there was a voice and dialog inside my head. Being aware of this voice is the basic concept behind mindfulness.

As I’ve seen the benefits of mindfulness in my personal life, I’ve also introduced it to my agency. Our leadership team completed a nine-month program focused on how to integrate mindfulness and business. And our entire company completed a six-week Positive Intelligence course. We continue with weekly meetings to discuss how we can bring mindfulness into our client work and better support each other.

We’re a small business based in the heart of Silicon Valley, so we can try new ideas more easily, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the team’s enthusiastic adoption of

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