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Econsultancy launches ‘AI for Marketing’ short course

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Econsultancy has launched a new short course, AI for Marketing, designed to help marketing teams take advantage of artificial intelligence.

Taking place over three weeks, the CPD-accredited learning plan aims to assist delegates in identifying the potential benefits of AI across the customer journey and start implementing AI techniques right away, from marketing operations to creativity and campaign optimisation.

The launch comes as marketers are evaluating the impact of new generative AI functionality in design software, CRM platforms, customer service tools, and beyond. Indeed, Econsultancy’s Future of Marketing survey found that 32% of marketers say their organisation is already using generative AI tools, while a further 43% are actively considering it.

In line with Econsultancy’s commitment to multimodal learning, the new course includes a diverse range of formats, including live sessions and workshops, on-demand elearning content, and access to reports and trends insights.

Short course timeline:

  • Week One: Live kick-off session with an Econsultancy analyst on AI and the customer journey. ​
  • Week Two: Five on-demand elearning lessons on AI fundamentals, exploring real-world examples across industries.​
  • Week Three: A half-day workshop led by renowned marketing expert Neil Perkin, author of Building the Agile Business and host of Econsultancy’s Digital Shift trends briefings.​
  • Weeks Four and beyond: Continued access to Econsultancy’s latest trends, best practice research and case studies on AI application in marketing. ​

Who should take the course?

This course is tailor-made for marketing and ecommerce teams looking to embrace new skills and perspectives. The content has been developed to help generalist practitioners effectively communicate with colleagues and agency partners.

For more information, explore the AI for Marketing course page.

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