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BITE Thought Leadership | Advertising the advertising industry

This year’s Young Lions competition saw a brief focused around investing in the industry’s talent. Film winners Matt Nicholas, Senior Creative at VCCP and Nick Archer, Creative at Sky Creative produced a film titled ‘The Invitation’. The spot depicted a young girl creating and sharing a poster for a party she is hosting to highlight that many young people already possess the skills to work in the industry. Print winners Joe Sayer, Art Director at The Leith Agency and Marion Miranda, Copywriter at The Leith Agency created a visually captivating poster of a portrait. Created out of staples on paper marked with the header of an insurance services company, the poster was designed to show that some talent in other industries might be better suited to advertising. 

The campaigns both focus on a specific audience and show the creative skills the industry is seeking through the creative executions. The works are examples of how different audiences can be reached when the task of advertising the industry is treated as a brief. 

The panel suggested that these efforts could go even further by thinking about the range of media and platforms we have available to reach audiences with far more illustrious skillsets than purely artistic or creative. From planners to strategists, data analysts to social media managers the industry houses an array of jobs that so many are unaware of. By working back from the audience and treating recruitment like a campaign, the industry can cast a much broader net. 

Bozicevich stressed the need for an audience-first approach to talent campaigns, pointing out that the winning Young Lions campaigns have been created for a very specific talent pool. Namely young school leavers with a passion for the creator economy and talent from other industries. In an industry obsessed with youth, it

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