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How Agencies Are Using AI To Better Personalize Clients’ Marketing

For agencies looking to help their clients boost sales and customer satisfaction, artificial intelligence tools can be a game-changer. Those who are not leveraging AI to tailor their content to target audiences’ personal preferences might be losing out on the opportunity to deliver the most relevant and engaging experiences.

By analyzing vast amounts of customer data to understand their preferences and behaviors, AI can help brands to deliver targeted messaging that will resonate with specific individuals on a more personal level. AI-powered algorithms can adapt and optimize marketing strategies in real time, ensuring relevance and effectiveness across various channels and audiences. Here, 18 members of Forbes Agency Council share unique and innovative ways their agencies are using AI to better personalize their clients’ marketing. Check out their approaches below.

1. Incorporating AI Into Content Workflows

We have been proactive in incorporating AI into our content workflows since mid-2023. Our creative and production teams have embraced new technologies and blended workflows for AI and human creations. We have created hybrid AI content banks and have innovated using virtual models with different ethnicities to create campaign adaptations for multiple geographies. – Aasim Shaikh Zubaer, LPS Brands

2. Personalizing Per The Audience’s Emotional Aspects

Personalizing clients’ marketing and communication with AI is not too far away from being invasive. However, we believe in being human and staying emotional. Hence, to leverage AI in marketing, our agency uses our audience’s emotional aspects to personalize marketing campaigns and messages. Human intelligence and emotions can never be taken over by AI, whereas all other manual processes certainly are vulnerable. – Prashanthi Kolluru, KLOUDPORTAL

3. Using Data-Driven Insights To Evolve Our Work In Real Time

We’re focused more than ever on creating the most meaningful experience for each customer at the right time

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