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Altitude Marketing Launches Cutting-Edge Website for Discovery Life Sciences

EMMAUS, Pa., Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Altitude Marketing, a life sciences marketing agency with over 19 years of experience serving B2B companies, recently unveiled a brand new website for its client, Discovery Life Sciences (Discovery), a prominent player in biospecimen and biomarker solutions.

Discovery Life Sciences featured image

Discovery Life Sciences featured image

Discovery’s mission is to restore hope by speeding the development of innovative diagnostics and effective treatments to improve care. They accomplish this by partnering with researchers in industry, academia, and government―furthering their abilities to complete their vital work faster by providing them with the highest quality products and services.

As Discovery experienced ongoing business growth, they recognized the importance of aligning their digital presence with this expansion. Their website served as a vital tool for lead generation and nurturing. With the goal of establishing themselves as the industry leaders, they sought a new website that would reflect their status and expertise.

“As we continue to experience remarkable growth, enhancing our digital presence became a strategic imperative for Discovery Life Sciences,” shared Tiffany Salas-Morris, SVP Marketing at Discovery Life Sciences. “Altitude’s demonstrated expertise in life science and branding shines through their work on our new website. They meticulously delved into our brand identity and objectives, resulting in the creation and launch of a technically sophisticated, sleek, and industry-leading website. Altitude has far exceeded our partnership expectations.”

In October, Altitude successfully launched a revamped website for Discovery, marking a significant milestone in their partnership. Altitude’s strategic approach involved refining the company’s messaging, improving user experience, and creating a sleek, professional design. This transformation ensures that Discovery looks like the global industry leader they are.

Today, Altitude continues to play a pivotal role in driving Discovery’s growth. Their ongoing collaboration encompasses a wide range of marketing services, including graphic

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NODWIN’s Singapore Subsidiary Acquires 100% Stake In Game Marketing Agency PublishME

NODWIN Gaming has acquired the stake for $2 Mn from the game marketing agency’s existing shareholders – founder Ozgur Ozalp and Nazara

The integration of PublishME into NODWIN Gaming’s global emerging market network will enhance the latter’s existing solutions capabilities for publishers and brands, Nazara said

Following the acquisition, PublishME will rename itself to NODWIN Gaming in the Middle East and Ozalp will transition to NODWIN Gaming as the CEO of NODWIN Gaming Dubai

Nazara Technologies’ esports subsidiary NODWIN Gaming has acquired a 100% stake in PublishME for $2 Mn from the game marketing agency’s existing shareholders – founder Ozgur Ozalp and Nazara. 

The integration of PublishME into NODWIN Gaming’s global emerging market network will enhance the latter’s existing solutions capabilities for publishers and brands, Nazara said in a release. 

“This acquisition will provide the essential tailwinds for NODWIN Gaming to drive its mission of leading the emerging market sports media landscape,” it added.

PublishME is a full-service games marketing and publishing agency which works extensively with gaming publishers in Turkey and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It connects brands with gamers through social media management, sponsorship, and activations to its partners. 

Following the acquisition, PublishME will rename itself to NODWIN Gaming in the Middle East but retain the PublishME name in Turkey. Ozalp will transition to NODWIN Gaming as the CEO of NODWIN Gaming Dubai. 

As per an exchange filing, Nazara Dubai held 82.81% stake in PublishME, while Ozalp owned the remaining 17.19% stake before the transaction.

Commenting on the acquisition, NODWIN Gaming cofounder and MD Akshat Rathee said, “This strategic acquisition not only brings in a host of new opportunities but also paves the way for a multitude of fresh possibilities for us as a leading gaming and esports media company.”

He said NODWIN

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Nazara Technologies share price jumps over 6% as subsidiary NODWIN acquires game marketing agency PublishME

Nazara Technologies share price jumped over 6% on Thursday after the company’s subsidiary acquired 100% stake in a game marketing agency. Nazara Technologies shares rallied as much as 6.76% to 879.15 apiece on the BSE.

The company said its Singapore subsidiary of NODWIN Gaming acquired a 100% stake in game marketing agency PublishME for a sum of $2 million from its existing shareholders Nazara Technologies and Ozgur Ozalp. 

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“This strategic acquisition not only brings in a host of new opportunities but also paves the way for a multitude of fresh possibilities for us as a leading gaming and esports media company,” said Akshat Rathee, Co-Founder and Managing Director, NODWIN Gaming.

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The transaction will enable Nodwin to get a stronger foothold into the Middle East esports market, Nazara CEO Nitish Mittersain said.

PublishME will also rename itself to NODWIN Gaming in the Middle East but retain the PublishME name in its original market in Turkey. PublishME founder Ozgur Ozalp will also transition over to NODWIN Gaming as the CEO of NODWIN Gaming Dubai, the company said in a regulatory filing.

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PublishME is a gaming marketing agency with offices in Turkey and UAE. It excels in crafting engaging and effective communications to connect brands with gamers. It offers Game Launch plans, social media management, sponsorship, and activations to its partners. 

Nazara Technologies share price has risen more than 19% in the last three months, while the stock has

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Leading the Digital Marketing Game, Expanding Footprint in Northern Karnataka

In a realm where delivering substantial value reigns supreme, Extro Marketing Agency stands tall as an epitome of excellence. The agency prides itself on not just meeting commitments, but consistently surpassing them. The team’s collaborative approach ensures that every strategy, every campaign is meticulously tailored to meet individual client needs, thus magnifying impact.

Aman Sanni, Co-founder of Extro Marketing Agency, adds, “At Extro, we are more than just marketers; we are partners in the journey to success. We recognize that each client possesses a distinct identity, along with unique demands. Hence, we harmonize creativity with strategy to craft solutions that deeply resonate with their target audience.”

Beyond the Conventional Digital Marketing Agency

Extro Marketing Agency’s voyage transcends traditional digital marketing services. It’s about forging enduring alliances, about seamlessly integrating with clients’ businesses. The agency doesn’t merely offer services; it presents solutions that invigorate growth, embolden brands, and generate quantifiable outcomes.

Be it elevating brand prominence, surging website traffic, or establishing a robust online footprint, Extro Marketing Agency emerges as the trusted companion that paves the path for businesses to flourish in the digital era. 

About Extro Marketing Agency

Extro Marketing Agency stands as a dynamic digital marketing force, headquartered in Hubli, Karnataka. Sporting an enthusiastic team of young professionals, the agency is resolute in delivering top-tier digital marketing services and expert guidance. Their purpose revolves around surpassing client anticipations, presenting unparalleled value for investment, and consistently generating remarkable return on investment. From SEO strategies to social media brilliance, Extro Marketing Agency emerges as your partner for digital triumph.

Website Link: https://extromarketing.in

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From Idea To Reality: Umi.Cy’s Rapid Evolution As Cyprus’ Premier Car Wrap Marketing Agency

(MENAFN- issuewire)
  • limassol, cyprus aug 19, 2023 (issuewire)

    in a bold move that has redefined the advertising paradigm, entrepreneur and ceo arnold semeon launched umi.cy, a pioneering car wrap marketing agency in cyprus. with an eye for innovation and a knack for identifying untapped markets, arnold’s brainchild is revolutionizing the way brands captivate their audience and the way car owners offset their vehicle maintenance costs.

    a vision ignited

    the inception of umi.cy is a testament to arnold semeon’s visionary approach to business. in october 2022, while waiting at a traffic light, he observed a stream of cars passing by, each with an untapped potential to serve as a moving billboard. inspired by this observation, arnold conceptualized the idea of utilizing private cars for advertising purposes. further research revealed that no such service existed in cyprus, marking the birth of a unique and unparalleled business venture.

    seizing the untapped potential

    umi.cy, which stands for unique marketing ideas, is not just a car wrap marketing agency; it’s a game-changer. the concept is ingeniously simple: allow brands to adorn private vehicles with eye-catching advertisements, creating exceptional brand visibility while giving car owners an opportunity to offset their vehicle maintenance costs. this symbiotic relationship between brands and car owners is at the core of umi.cy’s innovation.

    unleashing the power of cyprus’ private car network

    with over 600,000 registered vehicles in cyprus, umi.cy recognized an extraordinary opportunity to transform everyday commutes into captivating brand showcases. by leveraging this vast car network, umi.cy is forging a path where both brands and car owners benefit. car owners can turn their vehicles into revenue-generating assets, while brands can capitalize on a dynamic and widespread advertising channel that transcends traditional methods.

    engaging audiences in a memorable way in cyprus

    car wrap marketing isn’t just about visibility; it’s

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    Bloop Boost Is Pioneering Digital Marketing Excellence in Gauteng

    Bloop Boost, the trailblazing digital marketing agency based in Gauteng, is proud to announce its official establishment in the year 2023. As a dynamic force in the digital landscape, their strategies fuel brand growth, online presence, and success.

    Highveld Techno Park, Centurion – August 24, 2023 – Bloop Boost, a qualified digital marketing agency Gauteng stands at the forefront of cutting-edge digital marketing solutions that propel businesses toward unparalleled success. With a comprehensive suite of services tailored to individual needs, the digital marketing agency Gauteng specializes in delivering custom strategies that pave the way for improved online presence and increased sales. From amplifying search engine exposure to crafting captivating social media narratives, Bloop Boost’s expert team covers all aspects of digital marketing with precision and finesse.

    At Bloop Boost, the core ethos revolves around empowering businesses to achieve their loftiest objectives. Through meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends, this best digital marketing agency in Gauteng offers an array of expert services that include data-driven PPC campaigns, state-of-the-art SEO techniques, compelling social media strategies, advanced analytics, and more. This comprehensive approach serves as a catalyst for maximum development and profit for businesses of all sizes

    “Our mission is crystal clear—to provide our clients with a clear roadmap to success in the digital realm,” states Boss Kijege, the visionary behind Bloop Boost.

    “We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, a strong online presence is non-negotiable. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of experts who are dedicated to devising strategies that not only meet our clients’ goals but exceed them.”

    This digital marketing agency near me services are strategically designed to elevate brands and amplify their online presence. Whether it’s through innovative SEO strategies that improve website visibility, engaging social media content that resonates with audiences,

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    Webcast Marketing Agency Launches One-Page Case Study Services in Fayetteville

    Digital agency Webcast Marketing has announced one-page case study services for Fayetteville businesses that want to generate more leads and increase client trust.

    Harrison, Arizona–(Newsfile Corp. – August 25, 2023) – The recently announced service by Webcast Marketing is intended to enhance a company’s market reach by providing case studies based on their customers’ experiences, empowering businesses to embark on proper strategies to improve trust and brand loyalty.

    For more information, visit https://www.1pagecasestudyusa.com/blog.

    Webcast Marketing Agency Launches One-Page Case Study Services In Fayetteville

    To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

    The launch of Webcast Marketing’s service coincides with an article published by Startups Magazine about the benefits of case studies for businesses of any size. According to the report, 62.6% of business owners who utilize case studies saw an increase in their number of leads and overall conversions, allowing them to enhance not just customer relations but their sales funnel as well.

    Founded on proof-based marketing concepts, Webcast Marketing’s one-page case studies give clients real-life examples of how other companies overcame common marketing problems or brand loyalty issues. The case studies give clients straightforward summaries, recommendations, images, and other visual aids to make business planning easier and more convenient.

    Aside from generating leads and improving customer trust, clients can use the one-page case studies to check current market saturation through Webcast Marketing’s mega-channel marketing method. This method gives them the opportunity to see potential gaps in the market, which they can consider for business development and expansion.

    The case study creation process starts by contacting the company’s founder, Joe Castellano, through the website. During the initial meeting, the marketing agency identifies the client’s pain points and marketing goals to create the framework of the case study. Other information, including the client’s product and

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    The Importance of Sports Marketing Agencies in Modern Business

    In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, the role of sports marketing agencies has taken on a new level of significance. These agencies have evolved from being mere intermediaries to becoming strategic partners that businesses rely on to navigate the complex world of sports marketing. From global giants to local startups, companies are recognizing the immense value that a proficient sports marketing agency can bring to the table. In this article, we’ll delve into the multifaceted reasons why sports marketing agencies have become indispensable players in the modern business scenario.

    1. The Rise of Sports as a Powerful Marketing Tool

    1.1 The Allure of Sports Events and Personalities

    Sports events have transcended the realm of competition to become cultural phenomena with massive global audiences. Businesses have come to realize that associating their brand with the passion and excitement generated by sports can create lasting impressions and emotional connections with consumers.

    1.2 Leveraging the Popularity of Sports Stars

    Sports icons have a unique ability to influence consumer behavior. With their larger-than-life personas and loyal fan bases, these athletes can serve as potent brand ambassadors. A skilled sports marketing agency knows how to harness the star power of athletes to drive brand visibility and loyalty.

    2. Navigating the Complex Sports Landscape

    2.1 Tailored Strategies for Diverse Sports

    Each sport comes with its own fan base, culture, and dynamics. Crafting effective marketing strategies for different sports requires an in-depth understanding of these nuances. Sports marketing agencies excel at customizing campaigns that resonate with specific audiences.

    2.2 Tapping into Global and Local Markets

    Sports have a universal language, but marketing strategies need localization. Sports marketing agencies possess the expertise to adapt campaigns to resonate with local cultures while keeping a global perspective, expanding the reach of businesses.


    3. Maximizing Sponsorship Opportunities


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    Creative Marketing Resources celebrates 28 years under founder and CEO Jacqueline Moore

    By Jamaica Kalika,
    Special to the AFRO

    Amidst the ever-changing landscape of marketing, one name stands out as a source of innovation: Jacqueline Moore. The founder and CEO of Creative Marketing Resources (CMRignite), the nation’s largest Black-owned cause marketing agency according to Black Enterprise. Moore has pioneered a path within the business world that champions social impact and diversity, through an intentionally built staff that is 70 percent Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+ and/or people with disabilities. Diversity is central to CMRignite’s success. 

    “To whom much is given, much is required,” Moore emphasized. “This diversity is a strategic advantage that empowers CMRignite to connect with communities on a deeper level. By prioritizing diversity within their business model, they have seen exponential growth in revenue and staff. 

    Moore’s legacy spans over 28 years with a journey that has been marked by passion and resilience. Established in 1995, the Black-owned cause marketing agency is based in Milwaukee, Wis. This agency has set itself apart by specializing in government agencies and nonprofits. Its mission: to develop innovative campaigns that lead to real, positive change, that transcend business and resonate deeply in society.

    Moore has used her career in communications to make an impact in the world. 

    “Our agency focuses on client work that is meaningful to society,” said Moore about CMRignite, which utilizes a research-first approach to inform their creative strategy and execution. “We do more than sell products, we make sure what we communicate about a client’s products and services has a social impact emphasis.” 

    This principle has been the driving force behind CMRignite’s success, positioning them as a force for good.

    “She [Moore] encourages us to take a human-centered approach in these workstreams with the primary focus being on our audiences. Moreover, she motivates us to

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    LCBO customer-data hack resulted from ‘stolen’ credentials at Toronto marketing agency

    Open this photo in gallery:

    A customer enters an LCBO store on Queen Street West in Toronto on Jan. 11.Fred Lum/the Globe and Mail

    A hack of Liquor Control Board of Ontario consumer data was the result of login credentials being stolen by an unknown group that breached an e-mail platform used on behalf of the government-owned retailer by Toronto-based marketing agency Conversion Digital.

    Earlier this week, the LCBO told customers that if they had ever signed up to receive promotional communications, their names, e-mail addresses, dates of birth, postal codes and Aeroplan loyalty program numbers have been compromised. Financial information was not affected, the LCBO said. It is not known if this breach was targeted.

    The Crown corporation first learned about the situation on Aug. 9, stating that it is “unrelated to the cybersecurity incident the LCBO experienced in January.” Its internal systems, website and mobile application are operating normally, unlike the outages caused by the previous hack earlier this year, the LCBO said, pointing to Conversion Digital as being responsible for the new occurrence.

    The system for Conversion Digital is isolated from LCBO networks and contains information that subscribers opt to provide, the liquor retailer said in an e-mailed statement.

    But Conversion Digital, which calls itself “one of North America’s leading e-mail marketing agencies,” said a separate, third-party e-mail platform is responsible for the latest hacking incident.

    “Stolen” credentials were used by yet-to-be-determined actors, who obtained unauthorized access to that e-mail platform, said Victoria Gray, Conversion Digital’s chief operating officer. She declined to name the e-mail platform, adding that no hackers reached out to Conversion Digital in connection with the credentials.

    “Our investigation remains ongoing,” Ms. Gray said. “We have taken steps to further enhance security measures to help prevent a similar occurrence.”

    The compromised

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