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Official election results: Fraser’s Downtown Development Authority passes by 1 vote

The area highlighted in yellow on the map are the boundaries of the downtown development authority district now that it was approved by Fraser voters.
Town of Fraser/Courtesy image

Fraser’s ballot issues A and B, which were related to the formation of a Fraser Downtown Development Authority, both passed according to the official election results released April 11 by the town. The unofficial results released April 3 had Question A failing by four votes and Question B tied. Official results may include ballots from citizens and military personnel living abroad known as UOCAVA ballots and returned discrepancy ballots.

The results for trustees and mayor did not change.

Ballot issue A passed by one vote with 43 votes in favor and 42 against. Ballot issue A asked voters to approve an authorization of a total debt amount of up to $25 million over the 30 year lifetime of the downtown development authority.

Ballot issue B passed with 45 votes in favor and 40 against. This ballot issue allows for the formation of a Fraser Downtown Development Authority, which is often referred to as a DDA, to implement a plan of development within the specified area.

What is a downtown development authority?

DDAs are quasi-governmental entities whose primary objective is to create a development plan for the central business district and facilitate the economic development of properties within the district boundaries. They plan and develop public facilities, like streets, sidewalks and parking garages in the district.

At least five, but no more than 11 members serve on the authority. The Fraser Board of Trustees appoints members to serve on the DDA. One member must also be a member of the board. Employees of the town cannot serve on the DDA.

How’s it funded?

Ballot issue A provided a debt authorization for the

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Meizu is calling it quits on smartphones to go “all in on AI” |

Meizu, the Chinese consumer electronics company best known for its Android smartphones, has announced that it would no longer develop “traditional smartphones” and instead go “all in on AI” after manufacturing mobile phones for almost two decades.
Meizu started in 2007, and in 2022, Geely, the Chinese automaker, acquired majority stakes in the company.
The company’s chairman and CEO, Shen Ziyu, said in a video statement released on the Chinese social media platform Weibo that the average smartphone user now goes 51 months before upgrading their device due to incremental improvements in smoothness, photography, and software features amongst competitors.He also cited fierce market competition and less room for innovation.
Its most recent device, the Meizu 20 series, which launched last year in March, will be its last. The company cancelled plans for future phones in those product lines, including the Meizu 21, 22, and Meizu 23 series.
Meizu will continue to support existing devices with software updates and honor after-sales service promises. It is unknown if support includes smartphones sold outside mainland China.
The China-based company will redirect resources toward research and development of AI software and hardware products, including a new AI-based mobile operating system to replace Flyme OS. Meizu’s technology will also power smart products from Geely Group, its parent automotive company that owns the Polestar, Lotus and Volvo car brands.
“Meizu will build an ecosystem to fully open its AI devices to leading global LLM providers, including OpenAI, to jointly promote AI innovation and development,” the company said.
Meizu plans to release a “new mobile OS,” which is said to be centred around AI and is scheduled to come later this year. Along with this, new hardware will also be launched later in the year.

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This AI chatbot can create websites with text prompts

Today’s chatbots can create articles, images, music, code and even videos with the right prompt. We have seen AI chatbots providing financial assistance, romantically engaging people when they are sad and even mimic voices, but now, we can also create entire websites using Wix AI Website Builder.
Wix, an Israeli software company that offers tools for creating HTML5 websites and mobile sites using online drag-and-drop editing, has announced an AI chatbot that can create a website for free.
Through a conversational AI chatbot, users can describe the design, intent as well as the goals of their website and it instantly creates a professional and uniquely designed website. The website will include “relevant pages, and business solutions such as scheduling, eCommerce, event management, and more.”
The website is free, however, one has to purchase one of Wix’s premium plans to include functionality like accept payments and remove Wix domain name.
“Users participate in an in-depth dialogue, where they receive follow-up questions according to their answers. Once all relevant information is completed, the tailor-made site is created with a layout, theme, text, images and business solutions. Users have the ability to refine and customise the site by regenerating it or changing its look, feel, structure and layout,” the company said.
It also provides users the ability to edit the website if they do not like the layout or the theme. The AI Website Builder is available in English for all users.
How can you create a website using Wix
To create a custom website, you can login to the Wix website and click on the “Create with AI” button. You will be prompted to create an account or login to it.
Once done, you’ll be asked a few questions corresponding to the elements – such as name, what is it all about
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Maker’s Mark bourbon

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