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Mixed-use building now at former Trag’s site in San Mateo | Local News

San Mateo’s newest mixed-use development recently opened its doors at the former Trag’s site, which owner Prometheus Real Estate Group hopes will emerge as a new downtown destination for office, retail and rental use.

San Mateo political officials and others interested in the newest downtown development got a tour last week of the new property at 301 Baldwin Ave. that features 65,000 square feet of office, 19,000 square feet for retail, and 64 units located at 20 N. Ellsworth Ave. as part of the Brickline Flats property. The 131,636-square-foot building downtown also fronts Baldwin Avenue and North B Street. Its east side overlooks the downtown San Mateo Caltrain station, aimed at providing artisan shops and restaurants for retail and housing for young professionals looking to be close to an urban area with nearby amenities.

Outdoor space is plentiful, with a communal rooftop vegetable garden, lounge seating, fire pits, and rooftop decks with amenities like a pizza oven. Lounge areas offer people an overlook view of downtown San Mateo, with numerous glass windows offering natural light throughout the building. Around 255 stalls in four levels of an underground parking garage are available for residents and retail shoppers.

Mayor Amourence Lee, who attended the opening, said the site had a lot of history near one former City Hall site and as a place that housed the popular grocery store but now had a new purpose in addressing housing needs close to the Caltrain station. San Mateo has prioritized building more housing along the transit corridor to address its housing shortage, with mixed-use options often used to help ensure financial feasibility.

“It’s a real triumph to bring such a high-quality mixed-use project to a transit-oriented area,” Lee said at the opening.

Of the 64 units, around 13 are leased so far. The studio

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Greek Development Rebrands as ‘Greek Real Estate Partners’ to Reflect Full Range of Industrial Capabilities

Greek Development — a leading New Jersey-based, vertically-integrated real estate firm focused on industrial development — today announced its new name, Greek Real Estate Partners (“GREP”), and unveiled its dynamic new website.

This new name and website authentically reflect the firm’s foray into a diverse range of service offerings over the past several years with the website distinctly showcasing GREP’s three sub-brands: Greek Development, Greek Design | Build, and Greek Management.

“Our firm has grown tremendously in recent years and the launch of our rebrand is a culmination of our hard work in transforming into a fully integrated industrial real estate operator,” said David Greek, Managing Partner at GREP. “We’re proud of our monumental progress in creating record-setting developments across New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the growth of our talented in-house team, and the ability to offer our expertise to our industry peers. This new moniker highlights the breadth of our abilities and we look forward to continuing our legacy under this new banner.”

In addition to building its own state-of-the-art industrial development sites through its Greek Development arm — such as Linden Logistics Center and Logan North Industrial Park — GREP also develops, constructs, and manages exceptional industrial facilities for a diverse range of clients through two subdivisions. Greek Design | Build serves tenants and fellow industrial developers by overseeing the design, build, reconstruction, and project management process for a wide range of property types. Greek Management provides the services of GREP’s in-house, qualified RPAs and CPAs to optimize and protect owner/operator investments with cutting-edge property management processes, technology, and maintenance.

The rebranding is a milestone in GREP’s evolution over the past almost nine decades. Founded in 1938 in New Jersey, the company has grown from a family business into a third-generation, best-in-class vertically integrated industrial development, investment, operations

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These 15 Websites Make Buying or Selling Your Home Easier

Man using computer to look up houses

Photo: istockphoto.com

Real estate transactions can seem daunting, especially for first-time homebuyers. You want information that helps you buy or sell your home fast, and online searches can yield overwhelming results. You don’t have countless hours to go down the Google rabbit hole.

Real estate deals involve researching market trends, browsing listings, searching for a reputable real estate professional, calculating potential mortgages, and more. From a new family home to an investment property, today’s technology can help make the buying or selling process a little less intimidating.

1. Zillow

Zillow interface

Photo: zillow.com

Since its 2006 launch, Zillow has become a go-to source for all aspects of real estate. Users can search more than 110 million homes in Zillow’s database (including properties both on and off the market), find an agent, calculate mortgages, peruse design galleries, and get a “Zestimate,” or price estimate, on any home. Zillow’s search feature is especially detailed, making it easier for homeowners to find their dream home with the click of a mouse. What’s more, the Seattle-based website has two dozen apps, giving users access across multiple platforms.

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2. Trulia

Trulia search interface

Photo: trulia.com

According to its website, Trulia “goes beyond the typical listings” to inform users about properties and neighborhoods. Like Zillow, it’s a great tool for browsing homes for sale and researching market information and mortgage rates. But Trulia also gathers data on various lifestyle factors in a community, like crime, school districts, market trends, commute estimates, “walk scores” that assess on-foot accessibility, and demographics. This information is indispensable for those relocating to an unfamiliar area. If you’re itching to immerse yourself in real estate on the go, simply download Trulia’s easy-to-navigate app.

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3. Realtor.com

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UPDATE: Process Delayed For Massive WeHa Development At UConn Site

WEST HARTFORD, CT — Calling plans to develop the old University of Connecticut property on Asylum Avenue “big” do not do justice to the scope of what’s being pitched.

In fact, adjectives like “gigantic,” “massive” and “humongous” might not even give WEHA Development Group LLC’s (aka West Hartford 1 LLC) proposal its just due.

On Monday, testimony and, possibly, a first decision by a town land-use board was slated to happen in West Hartford. But town officials Friday confirmed a slight delay in the process.

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No matter, the project is still marching forward with the creation of, literally, a new community in town the goal — one with housing, stores, parks and businesses all being built at the former university site.

West Hartford Town Planner Todd Dumais said West Hartford 1 LLC actually withdrew its initial applications regarding the project last month, tweaked the proposal, then resubmitted plans June 30 to the town.

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At its regular meeting Monday, July 10, at 7 p.m., the West Hartford Plan & Zoning Commission/Inland Wetland Watercourse Agency was to conduct four separate public hearings on the project.

Instead, Dumais said, it will only accept the new applications for the development at that time.

Essentially, he said, the process has been reset. “It starts the process all over again,” Dumais said Friday.

Dumais said the new public hearings are likely to be scheduled for August or September, depending on the commission’s prerogative.

When the PZC takes up the application, it will be acting in its capacity as the

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Ask8.com Lead Generating Marketing Agency Expands Focus to Real Estate Niche with Cutting Edge Solution

Ask8.com Lead Generating Marketing Agency announces a strategic shift towards the real estate industry, leveraging advanced lead generation software to deliver comprehensive branding, sales funnel creation, and website development services.

Jericho, NY – June 2, 2023 – Ask8.com Lead Generating Marketing Agency, a leading provider of innovative digital marketing solutions, is excited to announce its strategic decision to concentrate its services on the booming real estate niche. With 15 years of extensive expertise in lead generation marketing, the company aims to empower real estate professionals by utilizing its cutting-edge lead generating marketing system to enhance their online presence, increase customer engagement, and boost sales performance.

Ask8.com Lead Generating Marketing Agency has long been recognized for its ability to generate high-quality leads and drive tangible business results for its clients. With a strong foundation of 7 years of experience as a realtor and a successful track record as a productivity coach with Keller Williams, one of the prominent agencies on Long Island, New York, our team is well-equipped to provide tailored support and services to professionals in the real estate industry. Recognizing the distinct challenges faced by real estate professionals in today’s competitive market, Ask8.com Lead Generating Marketing Agency has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at maximizing their online presence, increasing lead generation, and optimizing marketing strategies. The newly introduced Ask8 Lead Generating Software system combines the power of advanced technology and strategic marketing techniques to offer a comprehensive suite of services that encompasses branding, sales funnel creation, and website development.

“Our decision to shift our marketing services to the real estate niche stems from our commitment to deliver unparalleled value to our clients,” stated the spokesperson for Ask8.com Lead Generating Marketing Agency. “We understand the challenges faced by professionals in this industry and recognize the immense potential for

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RE Leads Emerges as a Game Changer Real Estate Marketing Agency, Delivering Unparalleled Results in Lead Generation and PPC Management

RE Leads Revolutionizes Real Estate Advertising, Offering a Holistic Approach to PPC and SEO for Investors.

Experience the Difference of 5+ Years of Expertise in Real Estate PPC and Lead Generation.

Finding off-market deals and generating motivated leads can be daunting in a highly competitive real estate landscape. That’s where RE Leads steps in. With 5+ years of experience and a track record of assisting numerous real estate investors, RE Leads strives to become the go-to partner for those seeking exceptional results and unparalleled returns on their advertising investments.

“Quality leads are crucial for any successful real estate investor. However, the challenge lies in finding consistent, high-quality leads that convert into profitable off-market deals,” said a spokesperson for RE Leads. “With our extensive experience and vast amounts of data derived from managing countless accounts, we possess the ability to sift through the noise and focus solely on the leads with the highest conversion potential.”

RE Leads utilizes a comprehensive approach to ensure clients receive a consistent flow of highly motivated leads. Harnessing the power of platforms such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and more, they craft strategic campaigns that target the most conversion-driven searches, delivering exceptional results for their clients.

RE Leads’ Unique Insights Drive Optimal SEO Strategies for Real Estate Investors

RE Leads takes a holistic approach to real estate marketing. In addition to their expertise in Real Estate PPC, they offer comprehensive SEO packages that seamlessly complement their client’s PPC campaigns. Drawing upon their extensive PPC experience and historical data, RE Leads develops cutting-edge SEO strategies tailored specifically for real estate investors, ensuring maximum visibility and organic traffic for their client’s websites. 

“Our clients benefit from our years of experience in both PPC and SEO to create highly targeted and impactful marketing campaigns.

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