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5 Best Website Builders for Small Business in January 2024

Why Small Businesses Should Avoid Free Website Builders

While it may seem cost effective at the time, free websites could actually cost you a lot more in the long-run. 

1. Limited features

With a free website, you won’t have access to the same roster of features as you would with a premium package. With limited insights, analytics and ecommerce features, you’ll be more likely to miss out on potential customers, as you won’t be able to monitor or optimize your website in the same way that you would with a premium package.

2. Poor SEO

A free website is also more likely to tank your SEO, as they often don’t come with a personalized domain. Unlike premium packages, sites built using free website builder software automatically become part of the website builder‘s own site, making it notoriously difficult to rank well in search engines, like Google. This is because it takes longer to crawl and is more difficult to index, meaning less customers will find you.

3. Ads

And, unless you’re happy with your website advertising the software you used to build it — therefore telling your customers that the software you used to build it was free — we’d advised to opt for ad-free premium website builders, so that the only business your customers are focused on when they come to your website, is yours. Most website builders offer a scaling pricing plan, meaning you can find a plan that is affordable and best suited to your business’ needs.

Wix’s plans, for example, starts at just $16 a month, and includes some of the best features for small businesses our researchers have recorded to date. That’s why so many customers recommend it, and why it came out on top as our overall best website builder


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Business Breakfast: Harrogate marketing agency wins contract

Are you already thinking of how to reward your employees this Christmas? Why not choose the Harrogate Gift Card?

The Harrogate Gift Card can be spent in over 100 businesses in Harrogate town centre including retail, hospitality and leisure, whilst keeping the spend locked into the local economy.

Complete a corporate bulk order of over £250 and receive 15% discount from November 1 to 15 with the code ‘HGT15’.

A Harrogate marketing agency has won a contract with a luxury car financial broker.

The Big Bamboo Agency, which is based at Windsor House, has been appointed by Apollo Capital to oversee its communications.

The company will be tasked with overseeing Apollo’s PR, social media strategy and implementation as well as brand, design and community positioning work.

Nicola Stamford, founding director of Big Bamboo, said:

“We are thrilled to have been appointed by Apollo Capital, which is a leading player in its field.

“The company’s story is an impressive one, led by a very passionate and inspirational CEO, managing director and wider team – all of whom we look forward to working with.”

Small businesses offered £10,000 grants

Small businesses in the Harrogate district are being urged to bid for up to £10,000 of funding.

The fund, administered by North Yorkshire Council through the North Yorkshire UK Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF), is focused on increasing business growth, productivity and resilience.

Grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 are available.

Micro businesses, with less than 10 employees, and small firms with less than 50 employees can also access free support beyond the grant through the business advisory teams at the council and the York and North Yorkshire Growth Hub.

Cllr Carl Les, council leader and chair of the shared prosperity fund board, said:

“We are delighted to open up this funding

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Entrepreneurs launch global media buying and marketing agency for start-ups

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A global media buying and marketing agency will be launched aimed at start-ups and smaller tech businesses backed by media executive Marc Boyan and Founders Forum boss Brent Hoberman.

Miroma Founders Network (MFN) will deliver services similar to those provided by larger advertising agencies, but tailored for entrepreneurs and high-growth start-ups that can struggle to afford help with marketing.

MFN will also target other venture and private equity-backed companies at all stages as well as small businesses more broadly, including with help fundraising as well as driving sales.

The joint venture comes as start-ups are struggling to raise new rounds of cash because of the venture capital market slowdown and uncertain economic backdrop, which has caused an increase in business failures.

MFN said that it would help small businesses and start-ups increase their marketing competitiveness. MFN will initially offer services in the UK, US and Asia-Pacific regions.

Boyan is founder and chief executive of UK-based Miroma Group, which owns a number of media and marketing groups including a tie-up with actor Idris Elba and a majority stake in Buzz 16, the content company launched in 2016 by footballer Gary Neville.

Boyan said that the joint venture was “uniquely placed” to support the market for start-ups. 

The group is expected to use relationships and connections through the Founders Forum, a group of businesses that aims to empower entrepreneurs, and through Hoberman, the founder of Lastminute.com, the online travel and leisure retailer, who is well connected in the tech world.

Hoberman said that MFN “will bring critical media-buying and marketing communications services to scaling founders who need a tailored approach, particularly as many navigate the challenges of today’s fundraising landscape”.

The company will

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Daystar Payments Bridges the Digital Gap for Small Businesses with Complimentary Professional Website Development

Pioneering Unique Value-Added Services to Enhance the Success of Small Businesses Through Truly Free Website Development.

Miami, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – August 22, 2023) – Recognizing the digital challenges faced by millions of small business entrepreneurs worldwide, Daystar Payments announces the launch of its groundbreaking service designed to revolutionize online business presence. Countless Beauty Salons, Barber Shops, Professional Services, and other local businesses frequently struggle to establish a professional online presence. Daystar Payments steps in to ensure they stand out and stay ahead.

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Daystar Payments

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A significant number of entrepreneurs lack the technical prowess and time to create and manage their websites. While many free website building tools exist, numerous business owners find developing content, establishing a checkout process, or incorporating features such as appointment scheduling daunting. The result is often a less-than-ideal website that fails to instill confidence in potential clients.

Lukas Swid, CEO of Daystar Payments, empathizes with this struggle. “When you’re invested in refining your products, enhancing customer value, and differentiating from competitors, the challenge of developing your own website can feel overwhelmingly frustrating. We’re immensely proud to alleviate this burden for business owners.”

What sets Daystar Payments apart is its unprecedented offering: a dedicated department filled with seasoned front and back-end web developers ready to handcraft websites for their merchants, entirely free of charge.

Small business owners can now entrust their vision to the experts at Daystar Payments. The company promises to translate that vision into a tailor-made website that mirrors the entrepreneur’s unique identity and powerfully conveys their intended market message.

By breaking down the digital barriers small businesses face, Daystar Payments reaffirms its commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and ensuring their ventures not only survive but thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

For more information

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15 Best Website Builders for Small Business (2023)

Let’s face it, small businesses can’t get by without a website anymore. 

Even before the pandemic in 2019, 70-80% of people were researching companies online before visiting or buying from them. Just imagine how many customers you could be losing, if you don’t own a website in 2023.

But we understand why so many small businesses are holding back. Building your own website used to be a daunting task, with endless decisions to make, coding to learn, designs to coordinate, and more. 

But not anymore! 

Thanks to the proliferation of user-friendly, drag-and-drop website builders, you can have a vibrant, eye-catching website of your own in no time. 

We rounded up this comprehensive guide to help you find the best website builder for your small business. And without further ado, here are our top 15 picks. 

Table Of Contents

Why compare small business website builders

Even though many popular website builders are on the market, it’s hard to pick one that’d fit every business’s needs.

If you’re just getting started, you’ll want to find an intuitive website builder that’ll not only help you achieve your business goals but you’ll also actually enjoy using it. After all, building a website isn’t just a one-off process. As your business grows, you’ll want to have the full flexibility of updating your website and its content.

At the same time, you’ll want to make sure that your website builder will help your get your business found online. The website you build with it needs to be optimized for the search engines and integrate well with other marketing channels like email, social media, or paid ads.

The good news is that the website builders below check most (if not all) of these boxes. And while our top pick is the GetResponse Free Website Builder (and you’ll

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Top 10 Best Website Builders For Small Business For 2023

The best website builder for small business will make it easy to create a stunning, professional-looking website for your firm in no time. Whether you’re an established business looking to update your digital presence or a startup wanting to get found online, the right website builder can help you succeed.

We compared the leading website builders, including Wix, GoDaddy, Webador, and more, to determine which is the best website builder for small business. Read on to find out what each website builder software product has to offer, so you can make an informed decision and find the right choice for you.

The 10 Best Small Business Website Builders

Building a website can be intimidating, but luckily there are plenty of website builders designed for small businesses. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best small business website builders to make launching your new website easier. Among the ten, Wix took the top spot for its user-friendly interface, wide range of features, and affordability. Check out the full list of 10 below:

  1. WixOur top pick for the best website builder for small businesses. You can quickly build a website with its intuitive interface and extensive template collection.
  2. GoDaddyOffers great marketing tools, a user-friendly interface, and extensive customer support. It also has useful features such as SEO optimization, SSL certificates, and social media integration.
  3. WebadorMakes it easy to create multilingual sites with its extensive e-commerce capabilities and mobile responsiveness. Offers a tool for creating responsive websites that look great on any device.
  4. SquarespacePerfect for creatives and bloggers who want top-notch marketing tools and mobile responsiveness. You can easily customize your website with their advanced design tools and get access
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The Most Enlightening Website Statistics for 2023

According to data, websites with good design, search-friendly, incredible user experience, and proper optimization lead and convert best across the globe. This highlights the importance of elite web design for business.

We’ve compiled 35 critical website statistics that can transform your business’s online performance. Many other records hint at the benefits of implementing appealing web design strategies. From user behavior and engagement metrics to the impact of website design and mobile optimization, this comprehensive collection provides valuable insights to drive success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

general web stats

Key Website Statistics in General

1. Almost 71% of Small Businesses Own Websites.

In 2018, only 50% of small ventures had a website. Research shows that the figure has improved, with 71% of small businesses having a website now. Having a site helps in lead generation (filling the sales queue with customers interested in products) and lead conversion (the joint marketing and sales process that involves converting leads into customers through nurturing tactics).

(Source: Zippia)

2. Google Directs Almost 70% of Traffic Through its Site.

The percentage of the world’s web traffic that goes through Google is 70%. With the highest SEO, businessmen should optimize their business sites to align with Google.

(Source: Net MarketShare)

3. Low Traffic is the Leading Website Issue With 1 Out of 5 Businesses.

20% of small businesses should invest in SEO (search engine optimization) and design websites with high page loading speeds.

(Source: Top Design Firms)

4. 4.23% is the Percentage of the ACR (Average Click-through Rate) of a Call to Action.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of total advertisement viewed by an individual on a web page resulting in clicks. It is the main factor in the quality of Google ads, with 3.17% of CTR. On average, the CTR is

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Saints Partner with UK-Based Digital Marketing Agency

Famous Mercedes Benz Superdome Stadium In Louisiana With Car Window Side On Sunny Day
Getty Images

NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Saints have partnered with UK-based digital marketing agency Eleven Sports Media to create advertising opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses.

Eleven’s partnership model was established in the English Premier League before migrating to Major League Soccer and now the NFL.

“We’ve seen the success that Eleven has had in professional sports leagues around the world and we’re very proud to develop our own program with them right here in New Orleans,” said Matt Webb, VP of corporate partnerships at the New Orleans Saints, in a press release. “Small businesses are the heartbeat of our community, and our region is known for turning those small businesses into national powerhouse brands.” 

“The Eleven model is all about providing the opportunity for small businesses to be associated and aligned with their local sports teams,” said Matt Cairns, founder and CEO of Eleven Sports Media. “It’s always particularly rewarding for Eleven when we can bring that value to communities that have suffered hardships over the years, and New Orleans is certainly in that bracket.”

Eleven Sports Media said it will deliver a small business program that would be too expensive and labor intensive for the team to manage on its own. Small businesses will have the opportunity to buy advertising at events and online.

“From the moment we spoke to the Saints, it was very clear that their team are passionate about delivering a program into their wider partnership structure that is completely focused on the small business community,” said Cairns. “We’re both very confident that we’ve put something in place that will deliver true value to small businesses in New Orleans.”

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