This AI chatbot can create websites with text prompts

Today’s chatbots can create articles, images, music, code and even videos with the right prompt. We have seen AI chatbots providing financial assistance, romantically engaging people when they are sad and even mimic voices, but now, we can also create entire websites using Wix AI Website Builder.
Wix, an Israeli software company that offers tools for creating HTML5 websites and mobile sites using online drag-and-drop editing, has announced an AI chatbot that can create a website for free.
Through a conversational AI chatbot, users can describe the design, intent as well as the goals of their website and it instantly creates a professional and uniquely designed website. The website will include “relevant pages, and business solutions such as scheduling, eCommerce, event management, and more.”
The website is free, however, one has to purchase one of Wix’s premium plans to include functionality like accept payments and remove Wix domain name.
“Users participate in an in-depth dialogue, where they receive follow-up questions according to their answers. Once all relevant information is completed, the tailor-made site is created with a layout, theme, text, images and business solutions. Users have the ability to refine and customise the site by regenerating it or changing its look, feel, structure and layout,” the company said.
It also provides users the ability to edit the website if they do not like the layout or the theme. The AI Website Builder is available in English for all users.
How can you create a website using Wix
To create a custom website, you can login to the Wix website and click on the “Create with AI” button. You will be prompted to create an account or login to it.
Once done, you’ll be asked a few questions corresponding to the elements – such as name, what is it all about – of the website you want to create. In a few seconds, it generates a website, which can be edited in terms of theme and layouts.
Users can also create text and images. According to The Verge, when Wix announced the website generator last year, it said it was using AI models like DALL-E for this and OpenAI’s ChatGPT for text creation.

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