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The first skills you’ll want to start learning if you’re getting into web development will be HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are part of what’s called front-end web development, and they are the foundational file formats of the web.

You can think of building a website like building a house. You need some structure, foundation, walls, ceilings, windows, and so on. That structure would be considered our HTML. Structure isn’t enough to live in a modern house today, you need paint, some sort of interior design, furniture and other necessities in order to have a comfortable place. Those more “stylistic” items would be considered the CSS. And lastly, if your house doesn’t run on proper plumbing and electricity, then things don’t really function well. This is where JavaScript comes in. JavaScript is the de facto programming language for the web. It is the language the provides the interactivity between the layout, styles and of course the users. Without it, users would only be presented with information, but they wouldn’t have any way to interact with that information.

Mastering these skills together will give you enough to “break into” the industry as there are plenty of jobs centered around just these three languages. With these skills, you’ll understand how to display text, images and other objects in a web browser, and you’ll be better able to execute solid web development down the road.

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