WEZOM: Leading the Charge in Enterprise Software Development for Over Two Decades

A Global Force in Software Development

In the world of enterprise software development, few names resonate as powerfully as WEZOM. With its establishment in 1999, WEZOM swiftly expanded its influence, erecting headquarters in pivotal global hubs including the United States, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine. As a mid-sized firm, its primary aim remains to cater to the unique software needs of medium and large-scale enterprises.

Stellar Track Record & Client Portfolio

The past 23 years have seen WEZOM helming over 3,000 globally recognized projects. Their portfolio boasts partnerships with industry giants like John Deere, Toyota Material Handling, METINVEST, and Aptiv and S&P500 company. 

“Our latest solutions are a testament to our two-decade-long passion for technological excellence,” stated Serge Guzenko, CEO of WEZOM. “We’ve envisioned them as powerful tools to help businesses thrive in this digital age, ensuring they have the means to adapt and evolve.”

Diverse and Tailored Service Offerings

WEZOM’s arsenal of services is both vast and varied:

–  Custom Software Development: “Our tailored solutions, from ERP and CRM systems to cloud apps and NFT marketplaces, reflect our adaptability and dedication to solving diverse business challenges,” shares a project lead at WEZOM.
–  Evaluation & Design: “Our design approach revolves around understanding the pulse of the market and ensuring our solutions not only look good but work seamlessly,” notes a UX/UI designer at WEZOM.
–  Web and Mobile Development: “Whether it’s an iOS app or a complex web platform, our team uses the latest technologies to ensure a product that’s both user-friendly and powerful,” says a senior developer.
–  Maintenance & Support: A WEZOM support specialist explains, “From cybersecurity to AWS support, our commitment doesn’t end with development. We ensure our solutions continue to operate at peak performance.”

All services are tailored in terms of cost to individual projects. Preliminary costs are available through consultations with the sales team.

As they forge ahead, WEZOM continues its mission to equip enterprises with the technological tools needed for success in a constantly evolving landscape. Their dedication to innovation, coupled with a rich legacy, makes them a trusted partner for enterprises globally.

Industry Expertise

Beyond their technical prowess, WEZOM has an extensive grasp over diverse industry sectors ranging from logistics, oil & gas, healthcare, fintech, to education, and many more. Each solution is infused with a deep understanding of the domain, ensuring practicality and relevance.

Cutting-edge Technologies and Platforms

WEZOM leverages a plethora of advanced technologies:

–  Front-End: GraphQL, Next.js, React.js, and more.
–  Back-End: Java, .Net, Node.js, Laravel, PHP, to name a few.
–  Database: MongoDB, Elasticsearch, MySQL, among others.
–  Cloud & DevOps: AWS, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes and several other platforms.
–  iOS & Android: From Swift, Combine, rxSwift for iOS to Java, Kotlin, and Jetpack Compose for Android.

Concluding Words

A passionate team member aptly summarizes, “At WEZOM, we’re more than just a software company. We are innovators, pioneers, and above all, problem solvers.”

For collaborations or to experience the WEZOM difference, reach out at [email protected] or call +1 872-225-30-73.

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