Wix Launches New AI Website Builder For Businesses

Israeli world-leading website builder Wix has launched a new service for businesses that uses artificial intelligence to create an entire site, including features such as social media, eCommerce and event management.  

Creation of the site includes a comprehensive conversation between the AI platform and the user about the business and the kinds of services and products required. The platform uses this information to develop a bespoke website, whose layout and functions the business can later edit, customize and update according to changing needs.  

“Throughout the past years, we have developed and embedded our own proprietary Generative AI algorithms and LLMs in our products to enhance the user experience, and our latest milestone – the release of the AI Website Builder – is completely revolutionizing how to build a website and bring a vision to life,” said Wix co-founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami. 

“The AI Website Builder represents the first time users can effortlessly harness such advanced AI capabilities to craft their digital presence. With a ready-to-publish website, integrated with relevant business applications, we already see reduced friction in the user experience and increased efficiencies, leading to higher conversions. With countless more advanced features in production, we’re rapidly ushering in a new era of website creation and user success,” he said. 

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